Inner Child Healing

With my inner eye I saw a boy
It was your inner child
The little you had
a play hammer of wood in his hand
and monotonously and rigidly beat
on the same spot with it
He bit his teeth
I kneeled down with the boy
And asked what he would like me to tell
He showed me how he kept his
frustration, anger and pain inside
How adults and other children had hurt him
I told the boy it was okay and he was safe
to express all his suppressed emotions with me
The boy screamed and cried and jumped
Until he had released
I took him in my arms

I then saw a little girl with my inner eye
It was my inner child
The girl was sad
and was blowing bubbles
She showed me how she tried
to reach out to others
by messages of bubbles
but how they burst and dissolved
And never got feet in the world
She wasn’t seen and heard
She couldn’t reach others
I told her she has her poems now
And those are not like bubbles
But together with her I planted
her poems in the world as solid trees

I then saw how the little boy and girl
The little you and me
happily ran towards each other
They were free and open
Peace had been restored



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