The Wild West

Previous: For G. -Gangsters In Love

Hey G! Man, are you still alive!
I know things have been fucking hard
You said life is a poker game
But actually it’s more a rollercoaster ride

It’s not about waiting for the winning hand
No man, it’s about how to survive the next loop
When you have been turned
completely upside down
And shaken to the core by all those G-forces of emotions

It’s the fucking wild west!
And we don’t have cute, romantic my little ponies
No, we have untamed horses to ride
So G, put on your Texas cowboy hat
We have our weapons of love
And we are going to shoot all
the monsters we make up ourselves

Because G, my gangster mate,
my lover in crime,
We need to claim our land
You know what is yours, I know what is mine
And G. by the way, man, I do confess
I still fucking love ya!


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