For G. -Gangsters In Love

This is for you, G.
It sounds like a gangster name
Because that’s what we are, G.
We are gangsters in love
Lovers in crime
Of course I would like
to have our full names on billboards
Along with our pictures
So the whole world knows about us

And then we put ‘WANTED’ on it
Because that’s what we want
I want you, you want me
And then we aren’t just G. and M. anymore
We show everyone our true gangster faces
As we commit our crimes of love:
Me loving you
You loving me

But, oh man
It’s a jungle out there
It’s a fucking hell
So for now
I will just call you G, G.
But you fucking know who you are, G.
And I know who you are too, G.
Because that’s why I fucking love you

*This poem is based on fictional realism. Any resemblance to actual persons is purely intuitive or just accurate.
The author M. who prefers to stay anonymous, is only responsible for the last sentence and confesses to be fully guilty of that.



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