No Way Back

There is no way back
We can only move forwards
The roads of the past have been closed behind us

Friendships are gone
Things have been thrown
Contracts dissolved
Ties have been loosened
Although we might mourn
Lighter shall we go
And brighter our future
together will be



  1. Love your approach to the trimming of others from life. Yes, lighter we go. And, just wanted to say, that your picture reminds me of driving into many villages in Newfoundland, my own village included.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, it can be difficult to let go of certain friends , I never liked it, I’m very loyal but sometimes you just feel it’s for the best, especially if the contact is somehow chaining you.
      Newfoundland: that’s in Canada?
      This picture is taken in Portugal, near Lisbon. For me this looks very exotic 🙂
      I live in the Netherlands and here the landscape is very different. Basically it’s all flat 🙂

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      1. You are welcome. I know what you mean. I’ve walked away from several people in both physical and virtual worlds because it was the healthiest decision.

        Yes, Newfoundland is Canada’s most Easterly province and the landscape here is so diverse. I’ve flown over Portugal on the way to Spain but have never been there. I’ve never been to the Netherlands either but imagine it is beautiful in its own way, as flat as it maybe 🙂

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      2. I’m sorry to hear you needed to walk away from several people.
        It helps me to see it as a way of making space for new things. As long as there are those friendships and situations that are not nourishing and maybe even toxic, there is no room for better things coming in. It can be very draining.

        I can imagine Canada to be very beautiful! I have never been there, unfortunately. I would like to. In fact, I never left Europe:)
        But in Europe I have visited many countries. Portugal is my favorite.
        Yes, the Netherlands is also beautiful in its own way.

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      3. It’s okay. We disassociate from others by choice and often for good reason. I don’t miss the ones I’ve walked away from, as unfortunate as parting was.

        Canada is very beautiful and vast. Maybe you will have opportunity to visit sometime. I’ve been to Spain and enjoyed the trip very much. I’ve always wanted to see more of Europe and perhaps I will get a chance one day.

        Merry Christmas to you and a happy new year when it arrives.

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