She Makes The Magic

And there she goes again
She skates over ice
Her cheeks glow
Her hair waves in the wind

There is music in her heart
And she dances and glides
There is only the now
And the rest she can forget
She is free
and feels so much alive
and in love

She is the only one left
The ice is her dancefloor
And it is all hers
Under the nightly sky
She makes the magic
While the full moon shines on her
She smiles and smiles
And thinks of him
And if it would be possible
She would love him even more

And then the rain falls
But even the cold water
that showers her glowing face
is a blessing

And she skates
for hours and hours
In the distance she sees
the Christmas lights
And there is magic
everywhere around and within
as she makes it


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