The Magic Of The Irish Flute

Previous: The Hedgehog Girl

Who is coming there
It’s the shaman of the woods
It’s the fairy man
With his Irish flute
Looking for his hedgehog girl
She made herself so small
She rolled into a tight ball
And then, off the earth she fell
Down into the ground she went

But where is she
As she can’t be seen no more
So he takes his Irish flute
and starts to play his sounds of love
And she wakes up and hears the call
Her ears, her heart bewitched
And she begins to unroll
She goes up while she follows
his magical tunes

And then she sees him, her own fairy man
She asks ‘why did you come for me,
how did you find me
as you were supposed to forget’

‘My love, the Irish flute can’t forget about its muse
It can’t forget about the one that
breathes the fire into its music
And wherever you may go and hide,
I’ll always find you in your dreams
I’ll always find you in both of our hearts

And now rise again
Don’t make yourself so small
You don’t need your spines
As you have a big light
in your heart to guide
and to protect you’



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