My Dark Parts

Previous: The Trouble With You Is That You Love Me

You see the light in me
You see my beauty
But do you also see my dark parts
And my dark days?
Do you read between the lines
What I hide in my poems?
When I am lost and I
do not believe no more
When I lie on my bed
And can only cry
I am not who you think I am
I am not a queen, nor a fairy woman
And not a wild rose
I am not that strong
and colourful
As my heart breaks on and on
And often, I am just a scared cat
Then I don’t like myself
Please, don’t love me no more
Run away from me as far as you can.

My dear wild rose,
I see you in every poem,
I even see you on a blank page
And on your darks days,
I see your light shine
I see you in your tears
I see you in your smile
And my eyes
find you when you are lost
I see the wild rose blossom
I see how it can blossom even more
If you would only believe
in it yourself
And after all what I have seen
Tell me, how on earth
could I then not love you no more?


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