The Trouble With You Is That You Love Me

You write about the light
you see in me
And about all the beauty
I radiate
But don’t you see my dark parts
My dark days, all my heaviness?
How could you still love me
if you would know about that
You make a God of me
Where I am not
I am not who you think I am
I am not a king nor a fairy man
I will show you my ugliness
so you will see
Please don’t love me no more
I do not deserve
As the trouble with you
is that you love me.

My dear fairy man,
I do see your dark parts
I do see your struggle
But I see how they hold
the light within
As I have the eyes of true love
I see right through you
I see all that you are
And I see all of your gold
The trouble with you
is that you don’t fully
believe in it yourself
Show me your ugliness
And I will see the beauty
Show me your bad
And I will find the good
The trouble with me
then is that I will love you
even more


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