Two Poems By A Teenage Girl: December Grey & Hope

(Picture: me on the left in 1996)

Two poems I wrote when I was a teenage girl. I translated them into English.

I wrote this poem in 1996:

December Grey

Silent city of the nameless
touched by nightly sleep
A screaming reality is veiled
in neon light
Escaped from a misty memory

And loneliness whispers into the night
In the distance a song is sung
Unheard longing of a homeless seeker
For the nameless, they do not understand

I wrote this poem in 1998:


Hidden in the darkness
In the deepest black
A small light cautiously beckons
There in the farthest distance
Where life dances in the flame
It shines towards me
But then; the fear
that I burn my fingers
increases the doubt that rages
Because in the black hole
everything is black and cold
Where can I find the strength then
to reach for the stars?
The will leads to the light
and in the light there is the source
Myself that is all I own
Back to the core, back to home


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