I Wear The Same Dress

Do you remember that magical night
in that small village in the Dutch countryside?
Where time seemed to have stopped
In that farm barn in grass land
under the moon and under the stars

How you told you were on
your own way
And how I had just freed myself
out of my cage
The world was in front of us

We had stars in our eyes
that night
And in each other’s starry eyes
we drowned
in an endless moment
where there was just you and me
as the center of the universe
All the rest seemed to have faded away

Our eyes magnetized our bodies together
Until we almost touched
I already loved you
But from that day on
I loved you even more

I sank in your arms
In your gentle embrace
It contained the whole world
I was shot onto the stars
And I made a wish that it would
never end no more

You told me that I looked great
And your eyes absorbed me
Like I have never been seen
by anyone before

Do you remember that magical night
Today I wear the same dress
And it longs to be seen and admired
by your starry eyes


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