Invite Me

My man, I take my sword of true love
And cut out the fears, doubts and sadness
I cut out the rotten things
in our land of love
I hold your hand
And I am strong with you
I cannot do it all alone
We need each other always
And stand up for what is right

You do your part, I do mine
As we liberate our land
And fight this battle
We strongly push our minds away
And decisions are made
that from now on
we let our hearts rule

No more doubts, no more tears,
No more fears, no more despair,
we are done.
It’s time to dance, to sing, to celebrate
And to have blind trust and faith

Do you see the white church over there,
In the capital of our love land?
Do you hear the church bells ringing?
They are already singing
about the celebration
I’d like to go inside
How I would love to go there
I have my ticket,
I could go in all alone and by myself
But I want you to invite me
personally first

As I need to respect the rules
that say, a man’s woman should always go
through the main entrance
and in the light
and should never need to hide
or sneak around
She wants to be seen by your side
There where she always was
and always will be
She wants the waters to be clear
She wants to be truly welcome

So tell me if that’s what you want
Use your voice, your hand to write
or send me a messenger or come in person anytime
To tell me the news
that your woman is invited
to celebrate
together with you


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