I Have A Big, Big Dream

My dear, I have a dream
A big, big dream
Just look together with me
at the screen
And I will show you

See how we are together
How we are giving each other strength
See how we get married
I am your forever wife,
You my forever husband
How we make love, laugh, shed our tears and our joy
How we sleep in each other’s arms
And wake up in the morning
With the sun shining on our face
How we travel, see the world
But always return home

See how we light up
the world around us by our love and how we fulfill our mission
By sharing our living example of true love and compassion on stage
How love is stronger always
and can conquer anything
How we share our stories,
read our poetry, make music
and sing
How we write and create together
Making the world a better place
by our art
How we help others heal and how we inspire
How we dance together

Just look at the screen with me
See how I have this dream
This big, big dream
And how real it can be


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