The Soldiers Of Your Heart

Several times the castle of your heart
has been roughly invaded
By the ones who you thought you
could trust
and who would never betray you

You could not believe, you cursed
your own good, pure heart
They took your treasures and turned
the place upside down
And all what was left was hurt,
sad songs, broken dreams
and melancholy

And then you called in the soldiers
and an army of ravens
to keep guard
at the entrance of the castle of your heart
to not let anyone come close
not let anyone come in
no more

But one day your own queen
came home
The One you have been waiting for
all your life

And when she knocked on the door
of your castle
The soldiers and the ravens did their work
They fought and battled with weapons of harsh words,
coldness and distance
They did all they could

But where all the others would
already have left and ran for the hills
She stood her ground there
and continued to sing you
her love songs

And through the window of your heart
the wind carried them inside
And it made you even long more for her
You wanted to jump on your horse,
open the door,
wanted to ride out
But there were the soldiers
and ravens outside

They needed to protect you
But in fact, they have locked you
inside the castle of your heart

And sometimes you even forget
that they only obey you
And that you are the one
who is in charge


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