Through Your Eyes, Through My Eyes

Can I lend your eyes
and can I see myself
like you do
Can I look
through your lens of love

The child I was
The small girl that suffered
All alone
And that was told
She was bad
and did not have
a right to exist
How she seeked
a place to stay
in her dreams

The young woman
that was lost
Did not know what to do
Did not even want to live
As she thought
Life did not want her
How she married a man
that beat the hell out of her

Can I lend your eyes
and see the light
you’ve always seen in me
By your eyes I heal
and be the woman I am today
and always have been
Can your eyes cry
my forgotten tears

You can lend my eyes
and see yourself
like I do
You can look
through my lens of love

The small boy you were
The young man you grew
How you were lost
and lonely in a world
that did not seem
to understand you
Who could you trust
after your heart was broken
How you seeked
a safe place
in your dreams
My eyes cry
your forgotten tears

Will you believe in yourself
like I do
Will you love yourself
and see your own beauty
How I always see your light
shining and how I love
every single part of you

I will allow your eyes
Will you allow mine
to see
to mourn
to love
and to believe


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