A Curtain Of Teardrops

A curtain of teardrops before my eyes
And I fall into Fall again
The same pain,
the same cycle
So close and yet
so far away

Bonded in sadness
we are
connected in our broken hearts
And now it’s my turn
to wait for the sun
to show its face



  1. I ponder no longer
    My seams are thorn in two places
    Shuttered beyond repair
    My fables have become my stable
    In which I lie in wait for
    My fall
    So deep I hear my snore
    And dream of my pain alone
    This is me
    In my silent state

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  2. Teardrops as a curtain….. it’s the first time I am hearing it. So achingly beautiful. And how true! When your eyes fill with tears you can see the inner world and outer world only through this curtain.
    Still the cycle of seasons bring hope. Tears will dry when the sun peeps out.
    Am sending you the energy of Archangel Gabriel to help pour out all the beautiful poetry bubbling within you. ☺

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