She Has A Gift

She has a gift
She can see people into the soul
She can feel their energy,
see certain images
And then she knows things
she is not supposed to know

Already when she was a little girl
She had the eyes to see beyond veils
She could quietly observe from her corner
And then tell exactly what was going on
But what wasn’t said in words

But the adults didn’t like her gift
It scared them, it upset them
As they tried to hide things

They denied, called her crazy
And beat her a lot for her sensitivity
Though deep down she knew,
Her sharp inner eyes had seen the truth
As energy can never lie

She learned that reality is confusing
And in order to be accepted and loved
She needed to close herself off
and to hide her intuition
She imprisoned herself
Her mind took over
And she rationalized her gift away

Until one day she met her true love
And that opened her heart
She could break through her own bars
She could embrace her gift
As it is part of her soul

And now she uses it
for herself, for writing
and for helping other people


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