Meeting Halfway

And we both walk
I have you on the horizon
And you have me in the silver lining
in the sky

Every step takes me
closer to you
And your steps pave
the road towards me

And I cannot wait anymore
As I have waited for too long
So I here I run, here I fly
my way towards you

And you as well,
You run, you fly
Our hearts beat faster
We’re almost there
We already see
How the sky colours
How the sun rises
And how the birds gather above us
As they show us the way to go

And then halfway,
We both arrive
exactly at the same time
Synchronized as always
As love is right on time

And in an embrace
we meet
like we never met before
We both lift each other up
And we fly
But are anchored in each other
In arms that have longed
for too long
In kisses that now
can be given
In love that now
truly can be lived



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