The Troubadour

He is a troubadour
He travels the world
on his horse
And he rides and wanders
Through Summers and Winters
Through light and dark days
And wherever there are people
that want to listen,
he sings his songs
about love and melancholy
to come in from the cold
and to warm himself
and the people he meets

But then he gets restless again
As he is a stranger everywhere
And he longs for a fire that
burns and shines him
right into the heavens
And he knows

There is a house of poetry out there
There is a kingdom for him somewhere
There where she is

And he could travel and travel
And search and go
ride over the whole world
Sing his songs everywhere
But he knows,
Oh how he knows

At her fireplace
there is his home
And only there,
with her flame
he can truly warm his heart
and his songs will be warmly heard


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