Grandfather, do you remember
How we went on adventures together
You took me with me into the forest
at night
You were the greatest storyteller ever
And told me scary stories
But when I walked with you arm in arm
I always felt safe and protected

In a world where I felt lost
and didn’t understand
You were my beacon, my haven
And whatever happened
together with you
I could always embark the world
of make believe

You taught me to be strong,
to be wild, to dream
and to always play like a child

Do you remember,
How I suffered from headaches
And how you then laid your hand
on my head
And said: I will take away all pain
for you?
And you did it, you could do it
As you were the one that could
do anything, you created my world

When they told me you had died
suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of only 65,
– I was 16, too young to lose you yet
I thought this was just another story by you
And I expected you to come back
and we would laugh about it together
But you never did
I didn’t understand
I couldn’t believe

How could you,
the greatest storyteller ever
who was strong like a rock,
then not make another story of it?
It hurt so much that you left
me alone with my stories
And your hand wasn’t there anymore
to take away my pain



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