A Girl’s Dream

I remember,
I was a teenage girl
And the Dutch winter was cold
With a friend I skated on
the frozen ditches and lakes

And one day when
we were tired of the ice skating
We went inside to see a movie
It was then that I watched
for the first time ‘Dirty Dancing’

I was in awe
I was breathless
Never had I watched such a film before
I wanted to watch it
over and over again
And although the Dutch winter was cold
Dirty Dancing made it all hot

It coloured all my romantic girl dreams
How a guy and girl that had to conquer huge obstacles
In the end lived the ultimate love story
And of course
I also wanted so badly
to dance so dirty
with the man of my dreams
It made me long for
my own dirty dancing man

And now,
many years later
I hear ‘The time of my life’
on the radio
And I see the final Dirty Dancing scene
in my mind again
How the girl is lifted by the guy

And then I realize,
In you, my love,
I’ve found my dirty dancing man


Time Of My Live – Dirty Dancing Scene

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