The Fire Of Desire

Do you feel how under our love
the fire of desire is burning
We won’t tame the flame
no longer,
We let the fire rise
Let our bodies express our love

Want me, desire me, take me,
Kiss me, feel me, taste me
Hungrily, thirsty
I want you, desire you, taste you,
receive you

With our fierce fire
we burn away all
that is not of love
All our fears, all our doubts,
all our worries, all our thoughts
Our minds fade away
In our fire of desire
In our hunger for each other

Oh my love,
do you feel the fire burning
do you feel the fire rising
Wildly we dance its flame
We do not need to think
We only need to feel
We are just bodies
that express
our boundless, untamed love

We are the storm in the sky
We are the fire itself
We don’t withhold any longer
Express all our emotions
in this fire of desire
We burn high into the sky
And clear ourselves,
Clear our love


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