Imagine, my love
How we sleep at night
in each other’s arms
Do you feel my body
to yours
My skin to your skin

How we wake up
I see you and you see me
How we smile
And that’s just
what makes our day
How we dive
one more time
Under the sheets
to merge and melt
in one another

How we drink
our morning coffee
in the garden
How the birds
and the cats
look at us

How we write our words,
Play our music and we
look again
at one another
and we smile,
we just smile.
As we know
We came from far

How we ride our bikes together
Through the forest,
the countryside,
along the sea
Do you hear our laughter
in the wind

How we close the curtains
at night
How we light the candles
And find each other’s arms
on the couch

My love,
Feel, taste, smell,
See, sense, hear.
And imagine.
Just imagine


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