The Ways Of The Wild Rose

You saw me as a wild rose
Light and playful
I was blossoming
And I told you my tales

But when time passed
Thoughts became more rigid
Missing you became more aching
And I forgot about the ways
Of the wild rose

How she doesn’t grow straight
But she goes the way
she likes to go
Not restricted by garden borders
She dances around in the fields

She touches your heart lightly
but reaches very deep
Her smile invites you
to let go, to dream and let
dreams become real
She shows you ways you had imagined
But never dared to go

And how wild she is
Intensely she let her
heart’s desires blossom
And she leaves you breathless
You want to beg her
for more and more

She colours the fields
Paints your heart
in the colour of love

I will grow into the wild rose
And will retrieve her ways
Light and playful
Wildly I will dance around
in your heart


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