The Landscape Of My Body

I stand naked in front of you
And I show you the landscape
of my body
with its curves, it hills, its valleys
Let it whisper its story
into your ear
As it has a lot to say

Do you see my eyes
How they see right through you
They always see so much
But then the mind comes in its way
And makes them hurt and feel pressure
Did you know I wore eyeglasses
as a child
As a way to protect them?

Do you see my head
It stores so many stories
But often when I don’t dare
to trust my heart
I am too much in my mind
And it is aching me a lot

Do you see my ears
How they can hear so truly
But they often
do not want to hear
It then makes them
ringing and aching

Do you see my neck,
my back, my shoulders,
How they mostly
are so tensed
As they tend
to take on them
too much weight?

Do you see my breasts
And how they
proudly show you
my female nature?

Do you see my belly
With all the scars on it
They tell about a nightmare
in which I was left all alone,
fighting for my life

Do you see my sacred
female portal
How this temple has been
brutally invaded
By people who abused
their power at moments
when I was helpless
or naive?
But do you see that
in spite of that
my temple never lost its sacredness
And how it is there to merge,
to complement and to reunite
To reach blissful divine heights
How you are the only one
that has permission to enter

Do you see every single
place on my body
And every single part?

Please kiss me with
your eyes
Hold me in your gentle
heart and hands

Do you see my body as a whole
How it was beaten,
so many times
Stabbed with a knife,
How it was kicked
and violently pulled and pushed
But do you see how nothing could
truly damage its pure beauty?

Do you see how strong it is,
how it shines and radiates
and how it has never stopped


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