Healing Your Body

I kiss your hands
First your left
And then the right
With my lips
each finger I touch
I kiss
the palm of your hand

Your hands, you played
so many sad songs with them
All the old pain they still hold
I kiss it away

I kiss your throat
The pain that is stored there
Things you’d like to express
But you’re not yet able to
I kiss the barriers away
So you can truly speak again

I kiss your beautiful eyes
They have so much vulnerability
Like they need protection
They see so much, so deep
But your mind makes
your sight unclear
I kiss away the scales
from your eyes
So you can truly see again

I kiss your ears
There is so much noise
Things that are troubled
I kiss it away so you can
clearly hear again

I kiss your back
Each part I touch
You put so much effort
in straightening it
But there were too many things
weighting on you
that made it stiff and rigid
I kiss your back
so you can freely move again

I kiss your knees
They often want to run away
They want to flee
Instead of standing up
I kiss them both
and kiss the old pain away
So you can freely choose
again what to do

I kiss both of your feet
And make them steady standing
So it will give you the strength
to walk your path

Each part of your body
I heal with my kisses
Your muscles, I make them
soft and relaxed again
I kiss away all the old pain
So your body can sink
into its natural, free state


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