Fear Of Abandonment

Once a baby cried and cried
She had been born lost into the world
And her mother couldn’t take it no more,
left the house and left the small baby girl alone
Her father couldn’t take it either
and started to beat the newborn
to make her stop crying
Later it turned out, she cried
because all the time she had been underfed

And there she was all on her own
The hands that needed to protect her,
beat her and retreated themselves
She learned that love wasn’t unconditional
and she could be abandoned

And now that baby girl in me
is crying again
as she can’t believe
that our love is unconditional,
whatever happens, whatever we do
And she is terrified and panicked
to be abandoned
to lose you, lose your love
to be alone, without protection

Can we please both take that baby girl in me
and cradle and cuddle her in our arms
and then tell her that we will never
retreat our love from her
we will never leave her
and keep her always in our hearts



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