I Believe In Love

Dear mind,

You did your job.
For many, many years you offered
me a shelter, a safe place to stay
When the waters of emotions
were too stormy
And the underground volcanos
were spitting too much pain
When the wild horses around me
seemed to be out of control
You were the one who took
the reins

But since true love found
its way in me
and wants to flow freely
from my soul into my heart
I realize, how you trouble its waters
How you put rocks
in the river
How you block
my soul song to be fully
sung in my heart
How you make scenarios,
bad stories and tell me lies
How you make love cynical
How you build a wall inside

All the headaches I suffered
when I started to live
and believe in you
My head almost exploding
A build-up of pressure
An overload of energy

I know, you did it for the best
you wanted to prevent me
from being disappointed,
being hurt

But my heart can stand
on its own now
It can rule its own waters
As it carries the truth within
Only in love I want to believe

So from today I will stand up
for my heart
As with a dandelion,
I will blow all the seeds
of doubts away
And if needed,
I will even be willing to firmly
push you aside
When you come in between
me and love
and you want to build your dams and dikes

For I want to love him
purely and nakedly
He, my true soul love
And then there is no room for fears
There isn’t any threat
I don’t need to be protected
As I will be love itself
And the pure water of true love
is everything that will be left
And the only truth to navigate on

Not yours anymore,
Rose Girl


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