You dip with your toe in the water
You want to dive
But there are the sharks of doubts
Appearing from the dark pool
of your mind

What if, they say
You can’t, you won’t be able to
What if the bottom will be hit
And you can’t swim
back to the surface

What if the waters of love
are a mirage
And when you look into its mirror
you will only see you
in the end

What if, they say
No, you can’t
No, you won’t

But the sharks
are not the only ones
that are in the water

Do you see the dolphins
over there?
How they play in the waves
together, like children
Swimming freely,
moving up and down

Yes you can, they say
It’s okay, you can trust
All is fine, all is safe
Just dive and come play
with us

And look, next to you
You are not alone
Here is my hand
I dip with my toe in the water
I smile at you, we look
at the dolphins
I count to three
And then we dive


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