The Other Side Of The Shore

And I walked
along the coastline
Dreamt of
the other side
of the shore
Drew a heart
in the sand
Then the waves
took the heart

Now the sand
is just the sand
Though the ocean
holds the treasure
of the land
And takes it
all the way
to the other side
of the shore
where my heart is


Song Of My Heart 

When it is quiet at night
The world is asleep
and it’s dark all around
You lighten my dreams

You’re on
this song
of my heart

A fountain of sounds
that tenderly
the silence

A playful melody
by God’s angels

And on this journey
towards the dawn
I hold the light
This song
of my heart


I Believe 

I believe
in a sun
that can turn
the land into gold
In white birds
that emerge
from the fog
In flowers
that arise
from the mud
In harmony
that can be heard
within chaos
In stars
that align
to what is destined
to be one
And put into place
what has fallen apart
How I believe
in us


Love Doves

Is it true
that today
heaven’s blue looks
even bluer than blue?
And the houses of white
are brighter than bright?
People who pass by
give me their smile
And palm trees
of greenest green
wave excitedly at me
Doves do a love dance
Then go up into the sky
I let me,
let you go
Birds just need
to fly


Let’s Get Lost

Let’s get lost 
in the tales of 
this town
Let’s get lost 
in the maze of
our hearts,
In the space 
the map
Without anything to expect 
We’ll be surprised 
all the time
So let’s get lost 
in the streets of
this town
In your arms 
I want to be found