All The Same

The sun rises
and the sun sets
it’s another day
he sings another song,
sleeps another sleep
Is it all the same?

And she stares at the sky
from her bed
it’s another day
she cries another tear,
dreams another dream
Far away
Is it all the same?

Or does love grow
and heal
beyond the days
beyond what they
can see?


What My Silence Means

My silence only means
I’m fighting to open
I’m fighting to close
Help me to find my voice
in the darkness
I’m dying inside
I’m trapped,
I’m broken
Fear wants to run away
I want nothing more than
to connect
But can’t reach your hand
Hear my screaming silence
through the walls
and love me



When the sun sets
I search for words
to cross my lonely world
to reach your shore
All I find are just a few letters
empty shells that don’t say
anything at all
but can your hands on me read
can you feel in me
unsaid meaning


Teach My Skin

You say that all is well
even if you’re not near
but my skin doesn’t seem
to know the difference
between untouched
and gone for good
Can you teach it
to hold your embrace
in its cells
so it can already feel
your return


Where Van Gogh Was Born

Did you return to the place
where our eyes once
found each other
where Van Gogh was born
and where we gave birth
to love art one night in July
Did you see the emptiness
this time
Or did you still see me
looking at you from inside
with eyes that want to be freed
from the past
and want to find yours once again
in the now


Your Day

Today is not any day
or just a day
Today is a special day
It is your day
A day to celebrate
how far you’ve come
what you bring
to the world
your uniqueness
your oneness
your everything,
something and nothing
your expression of life,
of the divine
what you came here to do
what you will do
You doing you being you
practicing, learning,
struggling, surviving
dreaming, living
and thriving

A day to celebrate
to celebrate


Where The Music Is

There’s a place
where music is,
where the light is
where they all are
where you are
and I can’t go there
I can’t go in

It’s dark where I am
and I had wished

But then I hear music
from within
and I know
it is,
it has already been
your heart
that has let me in


Moon And Earth

Now we are under the same sky
Do you still look up
Do you see
that the moon embraces us
finding us with her light
Apart, we have the same earth
beneath our feet
Moon and earth, they both
seem to know the way


Slow Motion

The world is spinning so fast
Time is running in front of me
My feet don’t go yet so far
and I can’t keep up with your pace
can we go in slow motion
slow but steady
slow hands, fingers
slow touch
as we slow down the world


Leaving Behind

If the open fields of life beckon
and you dance towards Spring,
don’t leave me behind
in the dark woods of the mind
where I’m lost
between motionless thoughts
but take my hand
as I leave behind the dark woods