When the darkness outside
is suffocating
and I don’t even know
if the wetness I sense
on my cheeks is
my tears or
it is the rain
and I seek a light
on the near horizon
but all I see are stars
light years away
their light in fact,
long gone
Then I feel you,
feel our hearts connect
and light up
and then
I can
breathe again


A Place

Where is my place
She asks the birds,
she asks the bees
the moon, the stars,
the cats, the trees
Am I just a lonesome
Or do I have a place
in the universal choir
Does my voice matter
Can I just be me
singing my tune
sovereign, accepted
and be at ease,
breathe, relax where I am
without being attacked
because the choir will
honour and protect me


A Glimpse

Full moon, can you get a glimpse
of my beloved
Can you see him from high above?
He, whose heart shines so brightly
on the other side of the world
A heart that matches
perfectly with mine
Can you glow your light upon him
in dark times
and let him know, that he is loved


A Good Gift To Give

And if I could
I would give you the sun
to shine always on your life
If I could,
I would give you the world
as that’s what you mean to me
If I could,
I would give you shooting stars
to make all your wishes come true
If I could

But here I am
bare feet, empty hands
Though with a full heart
I can only give you love
and then maybe,
that’s a good gift,
the best gift to give


Heaven With You

As I walk through this town
I follow our footsteps
the imprint we left here
in each other’s heart,
one night
your eyes that wrote
poetry into mine
your hand that touched
and lightly stroke my arm
We spoke a language
deeper than our words
a language we still speak
And although I lived
in hell back then
that night I was in heaven
with you



To let myself fall
off a cliff
with arms wide open
into the unknown
and to let go
of any grip
of ‘why’ ‘when’,
‘how’ and ‘what if’
but to fully trust
that my heart and yours
will catch me
and that I will land softly
entwined with you
immersed in
the waters of love



She has a lot to be thankful for
She thanks mother earth
for carrying her feet,
for feeding and grounding her
She thanks father sky
for the roof above her,
for letting her walk
with her head in the clouds
and reach for the stars
She thanks the angels, the universe
for surrounding and supporting her
and filling her with light
She thanks love
for nourishing, guiding her
as the fire within,
the eternal flame
She thanks her beloved
for always being
within and with her
in soul, in heart and in energy
and for walking this journey
by her side



She takes the stage
like a bird that takes the sky
Once her feet have left
lower ground
she knows, there’s no
going back
With the strong wind of love
behind her wings
she can only rise and fly
to let stars and moon touch her
the world surround her
One with all that is
One with her beloved


The Concert

When she hears him,
her fairy man, sing
like a nightingale
under the stars and moon
in the middle of the dark forest
where the Beautywood is
and where the fire burns high,
his joy, his sounds, his enchanting
songs, his heart
take her up into the heavens
and she knows, her place
was never in the shadows
but her feet, her heart were made
to dance, love and hope
along with him


The Beautywood

And in the middle of the dark forest
there is a spot called the beautywood
where the light shines, the fire burns
where they sing, dance, play music
together well into the night
where laughter fills the air
and happiness magically sparkles
where everything looks beautiful
and perfect

And she,
she watches it from a distance
in the dark behind some trees
She is not from the beautywood,
she came from far
with just one little lantern
the light in her heart
to guide her way

She is a wanderer
with a desire for home
For long she thought,
she was a lost soul
in the dark of the forest

And now she watches the beautywood,
hears the enchanting sounds
With pain in her heart
she thinks, it’s out of her reach
it isn’t for her
she is just an outsider, left out
excluded, unwelcome
she doesn’t belong

And in the night she cries
to the moon like a lonely wolf
The moon carefully strokes
her hair with her soft
glimmering light and smiles:
‘Oh dear, do not fear the beautywood
Do not block your own way
Desire attracted you
The light in your heart led you
Love, beauty and happiness
will never exclude’



On an endless road,
a long drive through
vast Dutch landscape
the sun shines on my face
and for a moment
burns away the painful
‘I miss you’s’
I have all the time,
I have all the space
to think and dream
endlessly of you


Looking Up

When I cannot look back
as the past hurts too much
and I cannot look forward
as my mind makes me fear
the future
I look up to the sky to see
sun and moon
he and she
in the eternal now
in a perfect dance,
in perfect harmony



You sit in a field
Man with a guitar
a feather in his hat
A cloud in heart shape
drifts by
And you look
to your left
As if you hear
the uplifting sounds
of the future
What do you see, my man?
Please keep dreaming
Dream for us both
as big as you can
Dream us into reality


Holding Space

If you grow like a tree
in self-confidence,
hope and strength
reaching your branches out
to your dreams
I’ll be the soil in which
your roots can sink deep
that nourishes
and always supports you
I’ll be the forest,
a safe magical place
that always holds space,
holds the love for you