Shine Your Love

And the bird stands in her tree
on a high branch
Her sad eyes stare in the distance
Where her heart sees more than
her mind can understand

A wise owl flies by and lands next to her
‘Lady bird, what is the source
of your melancholy?’

‘Oh owl, I wonder, why this journey
is so hard
and I have to go through so much pain
Why did God intend this for me
and do I need
to sing my heart song
in this tall tree
Where the wind easily can grasp me
Where my song is for everyone
to hear
and I am for everyone to see
Why am I not just down there
in the forest,
a bird among the other birds,
hiding behind the bushes
and not knowing what is up here
It is love that gives me the strength
to carry on
But why, owl, can’t it just be easy?’

‘Dear lady bird, the strongest shoulders
carry the most pain and burden
It is because you can
It is the path your soul has chosen
The ones with the most difficult journeys
that go through the deepest dark,
are able to hold and shine
the brightest light
It is part of your task
and that of your beloved
But look, how all the fairies
help you up here
Lady bird, don’t think too much
Just trust that it all makes sense
And there’s a divine plan behind everything
All you need to do is to continue
to shine your love’



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