The Rage Of The Feminine

Do you hear my rage
thunder through the sky
Do you see my eyes fire furiously

Freya, Ishtar, Eireen,
Aphrodite, Artemis, Diana
They all stand here in line with me
For who we truly are
We are the divine feminines
We are fucking goddesses

Throughout history
You, masculines,
you let your ego rise
And you abused your power
By suppressing, abusing
and disrespecting the feminine

But I will not let no one
treat me like trash no more
I won’t hesitate
To just throw the door
into your face mercilessly
As my value
is not depending on you

You, masculines, rise into your divinity
Rise into who you truly are
Who you are meant to be
Let go of all your poor ego constructions
And use your power to protect the feminines
Act, take decisions
Use all your masculine qualities
in a constructive way

And don’t you ever call any woman a cunt
Never call her names
But treat all the women you meet
with respect
And if you have hurt her
Go fucking down on your knees for her
Rise back into your divine masculinity
Stand by your woman

And then,
We, divine feminines, will equally stand by you
We will receive you
We will be your home
And we will fucking love you

Picture: remnants of the temple of the Roman Goddess Diana in Évora, Portugal


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