How The Two Lovers Of True Love Are Always Best Besties

Previous: The Rage Of The Feminine

You say: ‘Wow! You were very impressive
in your last poem, my sexy sweetie’

I say: ‘Thanks, my cutest cutie,
Actually, I’m myself
a bit impressed by it too
As I was really angry
But my own anger,
my own power and divinity
often scare me
I’d like to be
more of the harmony
And to make peace and love
Instead of war.’

‘Oh no, you were totally right,
my sexy sweetie
We, masculines, we really screwed
it up with you,
I am very sorry
For all the hurt
I see your value
and I promise to respect you’

‘Ohhh thanks my cutest cutie
We always are best friends
We are best lovers
We are best besties
Let’s go back to harmony
Let’s now dance
And celebrate new beginnings’

‘Your wish is my command,
My sexy angry Goddess’


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