Be Mine

Be mine, my love
In heart, body, mind and words
In spirit, on earth and far above
Forever and far beyond

Be mine when you wake up
Be mine when you take
your steps into a new day
Be mine when you eat and drink
and smile and sleep
Be mine in all what you do
and what you leave

Be mine in your failure and in your success
In your tears and in your happiness
Be mine when you rise and jump
Be mine when you fall and bump
Be mine in motion and in stillness
In dreams and in what is real
Be mine when you miss me and I miss you
Be mine when you’re far away
and when you’re near

Be mine when you want to
walk away
Be mine when you wish to stay
Be mine when the sun shines and when it rains
Be mine signed on a paper
and in name
Be mine without any proof
and just in trust
Be mine for the laughter and the fun
Be mine for serious business

Be mine when you make love to me
In my arms, in my heart,
in my body, in my art
When you lead and when you follow

Be mine now and right on time
Be mine when you’re late
Be mine when you’re cold
and when you’re hot
Even moody, gloomy, clumsy
Be mine anyway and for sure
Naked and with clothes
Be mine when the door of your heart is open
and when it’s closed
Be mine when I am yours


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