How The Two Lovers Of True Love Share Their Love Story On Stage

‘Why are all those people
in front of us, my cutest cutie?’
‘We are on stage, my sexy sweetie’
I say: ‘Oh no! I just woke up,
I’m not even dressed up properly’

You say: ‘Don’t worry, my true love
You always look good and sexy
Even if you would be
in your pyjamas
or even with your hair messy.
But all those people came especially for us
They want to hear about our very special love
And we gonna share it with the world’

‘Oh yes, I will tell them
How we met four years ago
How our eyes locked
And oh man, oh man,
How heaven came to earth
And then, and then!’

‘Take it easy, my sexy sweetie,
You start to shine so brightly now
You provide your own spotlights’

‘Sorry, but I cannot help
Because when I talk about you
I always start to shine
I adore you,
I love you so truly
Already from the start.
And look at the audience
They are in awe
I think they really find it sweet

But now I will tell
about what happened next
I will tell all details
about our sweet love story

How you started to run
And I started to chase
How things got a bit complicated
How you did everything
to push me away
You made up stories
And even let a friend do
the dirty job’

‘Oh no, my sexy sweetie,
Can we please leave this part out??!!
Look at the audience, they are all in shock!!!
Let’s not make it too realistic!’

‘No, because we are building up
to the most exciting part
We don’t want it to be too boring
Every story has its struggle
After rain comes the sun again
And it all made our love even truer
And we both grew stronger

So now we come to the spectacular final
How of course, we’ve found each other back
But in fact, we never lost
As we have this special heart connection
then we lived very happily ever after’

‘Ohhh my sexy sweetie,
it even brought tears to my eyes
And look at all the people
They are cheering,
they are clapping
I think it is a huge success
And now we can end the show
And sing our happy love song’

‘But I prefer to dance
And you can sing
Or I will say one of my poems’

‘No, let’s have it all
We dance, we sing poetry
We play the music together’

‘Ohhh my cutest cutie
You want things really
to be wild
You are so romantic
It is getting so exciting
And oh man, I want to do
some other things with you
that are a little bit private
Let’s do that in the after show’

‘Good idea, my sexy sweetie
we’ll close the curtains
And then we’ll have our own
wild private after party.’


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