How The Two Lovers Of True Love Have Their First Fight

Previous: Flying Into Our Tale

‘Oh shitty shit!’ I say
And you ask:
‘What is the matter, my true love?
‘My cutest cutie,
I wrote in my poem
That we need to fly into our tale
But I took it a bit too literally
And then I jumped from above.
I can imagine a lot
But unfortunately,
My fairy wings weren’t there
So then I fell
down to the ground.’

‘What the hell,’ you say
And I say:
‘Yes it is truly true
I have this tendency
to take things too literally
Especially when it comes to
what you say, sing and do.
And then another habit,
I also tend to make in my mind
Bad scenarios all the time.
And then I panic about it.’

‘What the hell! you say,
Oh no! my sexy sweetie!
And then you keep telling me
that I need to fly
And you keep wondering
why oh why I don’t do it.’

I say: ‘Yes indeed you need to fly,
My cutest cutie!
And to overcome your fears
And to just fly over to me’

You say: ‘Stop telling me what I need to do
Cause if I get it correctly
You are the one that needs to fly
You need to fly out of your mind
And to trust the better stories!’

I say: ‘Oh shitty shit my cutest cutie!
If I get it correctly
Do we have our first fight now
It’s starts to get really exciting.’

You say: ‘Yes I do think so,
my sexy sweetie,
but I love you anyway’

I say: ‘Ohhh I love you too!
And our true love can survive anything.’

You say: ‘Indeed. And the good thing about a fight,
is that we can make it up,
so now kiss me.’

I say: ‘Oh yes let’s kiss,
for sure
Let’s take that very literally.’



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