Blue Moon Super Moon

Blue Moon Super Moon
Let me bathe in your white glow
Light my shadows
Burn away the darkness
And I will dance on its ashes
With every fiber
Of my soul

Stars weave dreams
High up in the sky
I plant their seed
Here down into the earth
Blue Moon Super Moon
Moon of manifestation
Let your magic spark
Upon my heart’s desires

Blue Moon Super Moon
Ruler of the tides
Will you magnetize him
Back into my arms


Free Falling

Shaking rocks
Rolling thunder
This place here is not
to linger anymore

I am free falling
No mask that gives hold
A heart that is clothed in

Heaven will you catch me
Gravity will you lead me
into deeper grounds of faith


It Was You

In the starry sky at night
In the light of the day
In the rays of rainbows
In de dawn and in the sunset
In still waters and in waves
In the songs I heard
The books I read
The movies I watched
In the eyes I met
It was you
I looked for
Even long before I knew



Let me tell you
about Arcadia
A landscape as wide
as the eye
can reach
With clear blue skies
as high as the mind
can think
The land where
wild roses grow
Their hearts
always open
Fields of red, yellow
purple and green

Will you come to me
here in Arcadia
This space in between
Where veils to
other worlds are thin
And dreams are realer than real
Where words and sounds
are being created
Where songs originated
and poems spring
from within
And where everything
is just as perfect
as it may seem

Will you stay with me
here in Arcadia
As king and queen
in this palace
on fertile ground
This source of creation
Where life awakens
To eyes that truly
wish to see


Love Isn’t Tough

How can love
ever be tough
As it not love that hurts
Love never hurts

Though you seek outside
And you then get wounded by
a mirage of your own
doubtful thoughts

Look within
and you will find
him, your beloved

In a heart that beats
love fearlessly
through your veins
In lungs that breathe
love unapologetically
in and out
In eyes that perceive
love in its purest form

As within so without

See him in the roses
that are still there
even though winter arrived
Feel him in the wind that strokes
your face
Hear him in a bird’s
joyful song at sunrise

And then tell me
if love is tough


Free Spirit

Free spirit leap
Wings of trust will catch you
Set your heart free
into the unknown

Free spirit fly
Do not turn around
The wind is at your back
You are surrounded
by the open space of Now

No ‘what ifs’
No ‘buts’
No ‘only if’
No ties
No regrets
No holding back

When it comes to love
Then love

Love like the sun shines in an
unclouded sky

Love like the full moon lightens
up a dark night

Love like you’ve never loved
For the sake of love
Because you love
Because you can
Because you will

Free spirit


Cloud Dancers

The clouds are ours
We color the sky
I paint with words
You paint with melodies
A sparkling symphony
of life and love

We make fire in the sky
The heavens are quaking
Hear the gods laughing
Apollo and Aphrodite
are at our side

We are cloud dancers
In heaven’s temple
in the realm of
Always and Everlasting


Know Thyself 

I’ve seen you before
So many times
The same gaze
The same eyes
A heart that rhymes
with mine

When I hold you dear
inside of me
Then how could I be
without you

The external is
nothing less than
The internal
mirror image

To know myself
Is to know you


Too Big For A Poem

What to do
with a love
that is too big
for a poem?

Should I adjust
the poem
Or should I make
the love fit?

I’ll leave
the poem the poem
I’ll leave
the love the love
And then I’ll leave
you with it


Sweet Words

Let my words
come close to you
They are my hands,
my lips,
my breath
They tenderly caress
your face
Embed you in
pink satin
A soft
on your skin

Just a few sweet words
for you
To taste me
To soothe you
To kiss
the bitterness


The Butterfly 

Today is a good day
to leave her shell of shyness
Today is a good day
to come out
of her comforting cocoon

She went down
into the depths of darkness
Where she allowed death
to free her
from the entanglement
in the nets of mind
As she was made
to reach up
into the heights

She stands on the leaf of a tree
Let her translucent wings be dried
by the touch of a new wind
Rising perfectly
into imperfection


more breath
more moment
of not yet

Before she spreads
her wings
And takes flight



Dance Of Union

Take my hand
and dance
with me
To the rhythm
of our breath
Move with me
The harmony
of our

Fire stirs up
Skin to skin
Chest to chest
No barriers
In this dance
of union

And we dance
and we dance
And find
in movement
in sounds
in distance
in fullness

You in me
me in you

We dance
We dance

In a dance




Take my hand
And dance
with me


Embark On My Dreams 

Before the sun sets
Embark on my dreams
And sail with me
Towards undiscovered horizons
Ashore at deserted islands
Our love innocent and pure
As the first steps
on new land

Let us find a safe haven
In the world of make believe
We reinvent
the stories
what is ahead of us
the wheel of the year

Because if all falls apart
And the water is troubled
We’ll still have
this ship of our dreams